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Tunescape – a reimagining of Bali

Campuhan Ridge, Bali
Field recording in Bali.

An exotic trip for us today, as we travel to Bali, courtesy of Mitch Allen.

The field recording is simple enough – general ambience from a building that backs onto a jungle view of Campuhan Ridge

Mitch explains how these sounds, created as part of an installation in 2014 called Tunescape, came to be created:

“Two microphones are set up at high level on each facade of the building to capture the disparate acoustic environments. These captured sounds are then mixed together and processed in real time to resonate at the harmonic frequencies of the traditional Balinese Slendro tonal scale.”

“The low to mid frequencies of the soundscape have been duplicated and the tuning shifted to produce the beating effect purposefully implemented in Balinese Gamelan tuning.”

“This generative soundscape [the memory version you can hear below] is then fed to two wall mounted loudspeakers within a semi-reverberant canopy down the side of the building.”

City version:


Memory version: