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World Listening Day starts here!

SWShareable2As the sound world prepares itself for one of the biggest moments of the year, World Listening Day, we kick off the celebrations with a week of brand new field recordings and reimagined sounds around the 2015 theme of water.

Over at the Sound Waves project page, you can find a sound map with almost 40 brand new water-themed sounds spanning from Canada to Australia, from Peru to the islands of Scotland, reimagined in every possible way.

We’ll be running through some of these sounds individually throughout the course of the week. Then, on World Listening Day itself (Saturday 18 July), we’ll be presenting a special 30-minute composition made entirely from these sounds, which reexamines the role water plays in our lives through a collective sonic reimagining edited together by Cities and Memory.

Enjoy the sounds, and happy World Listening Day in advance!