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Sci-fi clay pigeon shoot

A clay pigeon shoot
Clay pigeon shoot

Gunshots ringing in the air today, as we take in the sounds of a clay pigeon shoot in England, a field recording sent in by Daniel Williams.

Daniel has reimagined his own sound with a piece called ‘It has us trapped… STOP!’, based around classic sci-fi, as he explains:

“It came out of me slowing and pitching down the gunshots to create storm sounds to layer up as textures.”

“After doing so I noticed the squeak from the spring on the trap (contraption used to launch clay pigeons) created a kind of movie monster growl, which immediately led me to the more sound design take on the piece.”

“I was a huge sci-fi fan as a child and films like Alien, The Terminator, Blade Runner etc. were my first exposure to what could be achieved with sound.

“So in my own small way this is a homage to those great sound designers of eighties sci-fi and horror.”

City version:

Memory version: