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The sound of water molecules and lasers

One of the most fascinating field recordings we’ve ever been sent today courtesy of Drew Mulholland at the University of Glasgow.

Here’s the sound of water molecules being manipulated by laser beams, in a lab in the university’s School of Physics and Astronomy. The description of the sound speaks for itself – it’s incredible.

Cambridge-based sound artist Juno Doran took on the challenge of working with this sound, developing from it a piece called ‘Fear of Water’, as she describes:

“Sound, music & film by Juno Doran, using sound samples from NASA and water molecules manipulated by laser beam at Kelvin Building Glasgow University.”

“‘Fear of Water’ is a sound and text work with supporting video about the artist’s personal fear of deep water, its relation with the uncontrollable forces of nature facing one’s own vulnerability, as well as inner demons.”

“There is a sense that water in its most primal state gives way to life, yet it has profound connections with transformations in our planet and the universe, through rupture and a constantly evolving violent process.”

City version:


Memory version: