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World Listening Day: Olbersdorfer beats

World Listening Day might now be in the past for another year, but our reimagined water sounds keep coming in, with this entry from regular contributor Heiko Jay, a dancefloor-friendly beat-led composition constructed from the sounds of a local stream.

He writes:

“All parts were separated from the original field recording and tuned into this garage-influenced banger.”

“Grundbach is a quiet stream that flows into Olbersdorfer See near Zittau. Olbersdorfer See was a mining area in GDR times and was flooded after reunion.”

“I made my first recording under a little bridge but the file was damaged. I decided to bike there again, but it wasn´t a good day for recording (there was a car with loud music out of the stereo).”

“So I had to move myself and look for a perfect place to record – I found it 900m away from my old position.”

City version:


Memory version: