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Utopia A4: Utopian shores

Utopia - section A4
Utopia – section A4

Today the spotlight shifts to German sound artist Martin Kristopher (AKA 3dtorus), a three-time Cities and Memory contributor already, who tackled his area of Utopia with an ambient piece of rare beauty.

Utopian Shores

“I had the idea to create an epic synth-only ambient piece to describe a coastal landscape and its view.

Actually this is an idea I’ve wanted to realize already for a long time (it’s been inspired by The Echelon Effect’s wonderful albums “Atlantic” and “Pacific”).

So I took the call to contribute to the map of Utopia as a good reason to finally do it. The map grid A4 shows a steep coast backed by woodlands, therefore it was chosen to base the composition upon.

The listener is invited to walk out of the woods towards the cliffs, with a permanent view onto the sea. It was deliberately decided not to use field recordings in this piece, because that appeared way too easy to me.

I rather wanted to create the impression of endless width, wind and waves and a longing for the open sea and distant shores only by using synthesizers and spatial effects.

This final version was written and produced within one hour after I had discarded all former drafts which definitely qualifies it to be worthy as a contribution.”