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Il mare di Sicilia

We return to Sicily today, and the beautiful Mediterranean beaches near Scopello in the north-west.

It was a stormy day on Cala Mazzo di Sciacca, which made swimming all but impossible, but made for some powerful wave sounds.

Clambering on top of some rocks, then hanging over the edge until my head was practically in the water allowed for this close-in recording of waves pounding on rocks to sound really vibrant and lively.

We handed the recording over to Oslo-based contributor Leon Muraglia, who’s created an intense, 12-minute drone experience built from these Sicilian waves.

Leon says:

My aim was to make something that reflected both the beauty and the immensity of the sea.

I processed it – slowing the original sound as much as possible – then running it through various bits of software as if taking a snapshot, a frozen moment – whilst keeping it sounding as natural as possible.”

Immerse yourselves…

City version:

Memory version: