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New album release: Berlin Ringbahn

Berlin Ringbahn
Berlin Ringbahn

We’re very happy to release a guest album today!

Long-time Cities and Memory contributor Martin Kristopher, AKA 3dtorus, has put together a reimagined version of an entire journey around Berlin’s iconic Ringbahn. The hour-long piece traces a journey around the Ringbahn, and its reimagined equivalent, looking at memory and interpretation of the city and of the experiences of public transport more broadly.

Martin writes:

“When I recently visited Berlin I finally came to realize a field recording I already had in mind when I didn’t even make field recordings. Of course, by then it was more the shapeless idea of creating an arts tribute to an architectural, infrastructural and social landmark of Berlin:

The ‘Ringbahn’ (which means the BVG transportation lines S41 and S42, to be exact).

This album on the one hand is a full cycle (anti-clockwise) recording of a ride with the S42 on a Saturday afternoon (September 26th 2015, 2pm – 3pm CET).

The entire cycle takes 58 minutes, this recording was started at the station ‘Halensee’ and takes until my drop off at ‘Halensee’ one hour later. You can hear a trip through a variety of Berlin districts.

On the other hand I realized a piece of sound art, entirely based on the formerly described recording and containing my personal associations with Berlin, big cities in general and public transportation. This piece is also one hour in duration.Enjoy!”

You can listen to and download the album for free below.