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Rodby, Denmark: the harbour of dreams

A ferry arriving into Rodby, Denmark
A ferry arriving into Rodby, Denmark

After a month of exploring our imagined version of Utopia, it’s back to ‘normal service’ today as we head back to a reimagined real world.

Today we’re on board a ferry from Puttgarden to Rodby in Denmark, just arriving into the harbour at Rodby as announcements are made over the tannoy system in this field recording provided by AJ Born.

The reimagined version, created by us, starts by conceiving of the ferry as a much bigger vessel, taking us down into the hold of a vast ship using processed field recordings from ship interiors and exteriors in Hamburg, Germany.

The piece moves on, with four layers of synths building a hazy melody over these deep vessel sounds, bringing us into a harbour of dreams by the close of the piece.

City version:


Memory version: