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Inside the Royal College of Music

Join us today as we walk through London’s Royal College of Music – a space in which you can hear all kinds of instruments and practice sessions drifting in and out of various doorways as you explore the building, making for a unique sound experience.

Tom Fox shared this walkthrough field recording for us, and long-time contributor Colin Ventura took up the challenge, as he explains:

“My initial working was to break the the recording down into smaller more manageable samples.

“Because there was a lot of microphone noise on the original these samples tended to be quite short, so I thought I would make a patchwork of sound, which was when the idea of a collage / college occurred to me.

“I used the footsteps as stitching so that I imagined the listener rushing up through the College, hearing the snatches of music then reaching the roof before tumbling back down again into a cacophony of sound.”

City version:


Memory version: