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Greenwich foot tunnel: sounds from beneath the Thames

Another new contributor today, as we welcome Tomas Tello to the fold with his version of our recording from Greenwich, London.

We took a trip into the pedestrian Greenwich foot tunnel that goes right beneath the River Thames to hear the sounds of footsteps, laughter and bikes whizzing past.

It’s not the first underground tunnel ambience we’ve featured, and it’s interesting to compare this piece to recordings of the Old Elbtunnel in Hamburg, and the Sint Annatunnel in Antwerp to see how the spaces sound different.

For the reimagined sound, Tomas tells us that he used “AM and FM radio transmitters, radio, 3 dictaphones, granular sampler, mixer, and computer. All was done live except from the very last part, when I used an stretch effect with the computer.”

City version:

Memory version: