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Allez forza St. Pauli – football reimagined

FC St PauliWe’ve featured quite a few sounds from the tribal atmospheres of football matches in the past, as we’ve toured round the grounds – previously, Arsenal, Burton Albion and Port Vale have all been under the microscope.

Today we visit the passionate cauldron of football, the Millerntor Stadion that’s home to Hamburg’s FC. St Pauli, with recordings from James Lamb and AJ Born.

AJ Born, a local resident and fan of FC St. Pauli, reimagined these sounds from both a winning and losing perspective and came up with two pieces, as she explains:

“Some time ago, in July last year, I had decided to reimagine a sound from my favourite football club FC St. Pauli. “Forza St Pauli” is a tune that is quite often heard in the Millerntor stadium. Therefore, it is not surprising that I had also recorded this tune some time before, and I got another version from a friend’s video.

So I had three recordings of different games of FC St. Pauli, which all included “Forza St. Pauli” and just used Audacity to work with it.

When I started, my idea was to capture the good mood that I associate with this club (being a supporter for a long time), and transform it into a sound.

I mixed the three recordings so that they should sound like a typical football game with an extended version of “Forza St. Pauli”. For some reason, I didn’t finish it that day.

Plenty of water went down the river Elbe and lots of things happened, until I got back to this project some time later.

I was not in a cheerful mood this time, and created some dark sounds from the recordings. I mixed this with the happy song I started before and the result didn’t make any sense.

So I decided to split it and make two versions: A happy one, that sounds like a typical FC St Pauli football game. And a version, that might sound like the feeling, when the club is losing a game or worse.”

City version one:

Memory version one (‘happy’):

City version two:

Memory version two (‘sad’):