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A storm in outer space

We were sent a beautiful recording of an early morning storm recently – sent in by the improbably-named Lee Storm, who captured the field recording in New Jersey, USA.

Listening to the storm, we were transported to imagine the entire scene taking place in outer space (yeah, OK, we got round to watching The Martian recently, which helped).

As many of you will know, NASA recently released a lot of its sounds for free use – and there are some incredible sounds in the selection.

The reimagined sound is made up of around eight layers of storm, all panned around and each with a different series of effects on it, so the storm seems to sound different wherever in the stereo field you’re listening.

This is interspersed with chatter from Earth to astronaut radio via NASA, and just a couple of sounds actually taken from their space recordings. So here we have it – a storm as heard from outer space.

City version:

Memory version: