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Wild and windy in the Lake District

Lake DistrictLast weekend, we spent a couple of days up in the beautiful Lake District in the north of England. It was wild, wet and windy, with hailstorms, gales and torrential rain across the weekend – challenging conditions for field recording to say the least.

One recording that came out well was on the shores of Crummock Water, one of the quieter lakes in the district, but beautiful nonetheless.

Sheltering from the wind by clambering down a bank and placing the recorder under a natural ‘shelf’ by the shore, we got a couple of minutes of waves breaking as the wind roared around us.

The lake almost sounds like a tidal seashore, such was the level of wind coming through.

For the reimagined version, I’ve tried to bring through a little of the sense of the rushing wind and torrid weather with the drone elements, and something of the melancholy of the landscape when shrouded in cloud and rain through the synth lines.

City version:

Memory version: