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Jumpin’ Judy

Two more prison songs for you today – versions of the song ‘Jumpin’ Judy’, coming from Paul Collins in France and Rodrigo Ramos in Brazil.

Paul Collins, Paris, France

“I am a painter. I make paintings. Working with my hands and with my eyes has left my ears free to listen.

“I have spent decades painting while listening to music, to sound, to poetry, to BBC, CBC, NPR. Listening to whistling while I work.

“This recording, “Rear Window Jumpin’ Judy” documents my work environment. We hear my neighbour, a song-writer (Peter Kingsbery aka Cock Robin) practicing.

“My son clicks a mouse at the computer. I put the prison song, “Jumpin’ Judy” onto the stereo and get down to work. As I slap gesso onto raw canvas, the rhythmic striking of the prisoners’ hoes keeps the beat.

“I am reminded of the opening and closing scenes in Hitchcock’s Rear Window, a composed field recording of neighbours’ sound-making: radios and hi-fis play, a song-writer plays and sings, the city rumbles.”

Rodrigo Ramos, Florianopolis, Brazil

“I made a blues song and I kept some beats out of time to preserve the dynamics and feelings of the original track.”