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Rough Trade: Inside London’s most famous record shop

Rough Trade EastToday we visit Rough Trade East, perhaps London’s most famous record shop, to listen in to some of the conversations their customers have while shopping for vinyl.

Our in-store field recording, capturing a conversation between music enthusiasts, was reimagined by Leon Muraglia in a new piece titled “How’s Your Portugeek?”:

“How’s Your Portugeek? I’m 99% sure that’s Portuguese.”

‘”I was obviously wondering what they were talking about and obviously they were talking about records, so I was imagining what the records would sound like.

So I used processing on the various parts of conversation that sounded like they fitted: there are sections of ambient, some a bit more techno… I processed some sections using some very rock outboard effects units and plugins …and one cassette machine for the hipsters ;)”

City version:

Memory version: