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The train station in the clouds, Ukraine

We’re off to Ternopil in western Ukraine today, courtesy of a pair of sounds sent to us by contributor Vladlen Tepes, starting with a recording of footsteps inside the train station’s cavernous hall.

“This was a summer’s vacation trip and the train station at Ternopil was the final destination on our road map.

“Luckily I turned on the recorder while walking in the train station’s hall.

“Eventually I cut some loops from it, but at first it didn’t work out well (probably due to the natural reverberation of the place) and I forgot about it until recently, where long reverb time became probably the main feature.

“I was using my Eurorack modular system, especially GMSN! THC module (DIY version of Mutable Instruments’ Clouds). For me, long reverberation often associates with memories, nostalgia, fleeting and the intangible nature of time. But probably there is some more – a faint longing for better days that are yet to come.”

City version:

Memory version: