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Korcula Island, Croatia – a miniature for stones

A new sound for you today – the third in a lovely series sent to us from Korčula, Croatia by Manja Ristic. Enjoy.

“There is a small bay just before Račišće village on Korčula Island, called Kneže. A few houses, a tiny church, local “konoba” (domestic style restaurant) and a recently built children’s playground. Kneže is a small and pretty hideaway for tourists who don’t like the crowds of Korčula town.

“I would go there often with my family and let my four-year-old son play in the playground, often recording old sinking docks set just across the road. Strange stone erosion made many asymmetric holes that produce attractive sounds.

“I’ve been there so many times, but only this August I noticed a tiny broken plate on the very top of a boat anchorage… and it was dedicated to Pavulo Šain, a boy who drowned in 1968.

“I dedicate this miniature to him.

“There are other sounds in this composition coming from a peculiar environment. Crickets as well as my improv on stones in an old abandoned quarry of the Vrnik island. And the unique source of the decorative stone in old Yugoslavia, some famous monuments from that era were built from it.”

City version:

Memory version: