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The sound of Trump’s presidency

As another crazy weekend in the Trump presidency unfolds in the news, it’s an appropriate time to tune into the sounds of America’s Trump – real and reimagined.

“We want a leader, not a crazy tweeter!” is the simple and to-the-point chant recorded by Lezak Shallat, who writes:

“The recent post-inaguration national Women’s March in San Francisco the speakers are several young girls, marching with their families, and chanting “We Want A Leader, Not A Crazy Tweeter.”

City version:

Kim Rueger‘s reimagined sound is something to behold, truly evoking life under a Trump presidency. She writes:

“My first hearing of this field recording happened on the same day that Trump tweeted his disparaging and threatening remarks against Mika Brzezinski. Listening to it struck a nerve. These girls shouldn’t have to worry about anything like this, let alone take time out of their young lives to stand in protest against it.

“So, I wanted to make the piece itself a virtual protest – I asked friends and family for recordings of them chanting or saying the same phrase, in support of those small but loud voices ringing out from the crowd. I was overwhelmed by the responses.

“Even more thrilled when several people made it a family project, having their children chant with them. The piece starts with the voice of the youngest, seconded by the voice of the eldest -all ages represent here, from toddler to grandparent.

“For the ‘musical’ parts of the piece, I recorded a collage/barrage of Notification tones from my phone. It was funny to me that I hadn’t noticed before how silly and childish-sounding most Notification tones are – apt sounds for this piece.

Memory version:

Kim adds:

“It’s a bit hectic in spots, but that reflects some the daily chaos we put up with from our Tweeter In Chief. Some time, pitch, and direction warping was added via Dane’s Loop Smasher.

I’d like to thank The Brumleys; Erik, Rebecca & Asha; The Henshaws; Phyllis Hunter; mrscientificterms; Chris Rueger; Sarah & Ari Schonert; and Suzanne Taetzsch for lending their resisting voices and spirits to this piece. I sincerely hope we all don’t have to do this again.”