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The chimes of St. Petris Dom, Bremen

Today we’re in Bremen, Germany, with one of the recordings made during our recent visit to present at the REM Festival.

Here we’re in the picturesque Altstadt – the chimes of St. Petris Dom in Bremen ring out for 11 o’clock, while an accordion busker plays in the adjacent Am Markt square. Trams pass and crowds – mainly tourists – walk by and chat.

City version:

The reimagined sound was taken on by Adrian Williams, who created an excellent piece called “Bremen Blur”:

“I wanted to make the music blur in to the recording, like the way the sounds of a tram or a train come in to a station, cover the existing sound and then pull away to reveal the background noise again.

“I used a drone synth effect on the original recording, and then added other synth parts and some guitar and bass to provide a rhythmic repetition.”

Memory version: