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Open call: reimagine the sounds of nature for our latest project

After a month of collecting amazing nature sounds from around the world, our biggest ever global project is ready to go – and we need you to take part in it!

Sounding Nature is the first global examination of the sounds of nature, and how they are being impacted by mankind, technology and climate change.

We have a database of over 100 sounds from more than 35 countries, covering everything from hurricanes and geysers to eagles, gibbons, locusts and seals.

If you’d like to reimagine one of these sounds, creating something new from the sounds of our natural environment, please get in touch.

How it works

We want you to create something new – whether a piece of music, sound design or sound art – from the sounds of our natural environment, reflecting your personal response to that sound.

There are only a limited number of recordings available, and they will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis – so if you’d like to take part, please get in touch soon!

1. Drop us a line to let us know that you’re interested. We will then give you access to the database of sounds for you to make a selection.

2. Recompose and reimagine the sound into a new composition (max. 20 minutes long), containing the original recording or some elements of it.

3. Submit your new piece by Friday 12 October, along with a title and a description of your approach and inspiration.

4. The project will be presented in late October here on as a global interactive sound map, and a specially-designed nature sounds player.

Thanks to the British Library

We’re also delighted to say that we’ve collaborated with the British Library and are using some of their wildlife and environmental field recordings as source material for the project. Many thanks to the team there for their enthusiasm and assistance.