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The wolves of Yellowstone

Our Yellowstone project features some incredible animal sounds, among the the atmospheric and beautiful crepuscular howling of wolves in the forests.

In the original recording by the National Park Service, a pack of wolves howl during the evening while near an elk kill at Soda Butte in Yellowstone Park. If you listen closely, you can also hear a Black-billed magpie fly past.

City version:

The reimagined sound is a haunting lupine mix by regular contributor Karhide, who writes:

“The aim of the track was to create droning synth sounds that matched the pitch of the howl of the wolves making a very dark remix that was then slowed down.

“The MIDI parts were generated using the Audio to Midi feature in Ableton Live and then edited before layering the multiple virtual synths.

“The whole remix mainly used the stock plugins that are available in Live Suite 10 and then mastered in Ozone.”

Memory version: