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Yellowstone – get the free album

We have a treat for you to end this week this Friday – our album of highlights from the Yellowstone project is available now!

Containing reimagined sounds of grizzly bears, wolves and geysers, it covers everything from basslines made from growls, ambient soundscapes built from birdsong and the howling of coyotes blending with synth lines.

Even better – the album is free to download, so grab it now for some great weekend listening!

From Baying Ridges’ beautiful ambient exploration using bull elk calls to Karhide’s chorus of howling wolves, there are some amazing musical highlights here – all built from the sounds of the world’s most famous national park!

The album is a great introduction to our Yellowstone project, but if you’ve not had chance to explore it yet, take a few minutes to wander through our sound map of this incredible natural space – you can find the full project here!