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Water souls on Geyser Hill, Yellowstone

On a sonic tour of Yellowstone National Park, where better to start than Geyser Hill, the heart of the world’s greatest concentration of geysers?

In this binaural recording from the National Park Service, we can hear a water outflow on Geyser Hill trickles as it passes underneath the boardwalk – a relaxing start to our tour of the park.

City version:

The reimagined version is a composition called “Water Souls” by Kim Rueger:

“The cyclical sound of the field recording – looping bubbles and drips, rising and falling in random patterns – led me to create this meditation, made solely from the sound of the water itself.

“All parts in this piece are sections of the Geyser Hill recording; manipulated, processed, and the entire piece composed in the Borderlands Granular app for iPad. Individual streams (of audio) were then rendered out as multitrack stems and re-mixed in a DAW (Sonar), with a few finishing filter and reverb touches.

“Like its sound source, the piece calls on ancient elements, that bubble and float to the surface. Patterns emerge from the patter. Flowing, oscillating drones give rise to whisper-like voices. In the end, the droning spirits fade back into the rattling mist.”

Memory version: