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Yellowstone project launches today!

Today we’re proud to launch our latest global sound project, as we unveil a sound map of the world’s most famous national park, Yellowstone.

The sounds of everything from grizzly bears and coyotes through to the park’s iconic geysers and steam vents have been reimagined by artists from all over the world, creating an alternative sound world in this colossal and utterly beautiful space.

Spanning three US states, Yellowstone was established in 1872 and is believed to be the world’s first natural park, known for its stunning scenery and unique natural features including its world-famous geysers.

Our project maps and documents these sounds (provided by the National Park Service) for you to enjoy – but also presents ambient textures, driving rhythms and fascinating soundscapes built from the very sounds of the park itself.

Explore the Yellowstone project here