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Infinite Nightingale – a remix of a remix

An unusual one today – as part of our Sounding Nature project, Cities and Memory reimagined the sound of nightingale song into a new piece called “Infinite Nightingale”.
Sound artist Alex Hehir has taken the composite stems from this piece and created a reimagined version of that sound – a remix of a remix of the sounds of the world! It’s a gorgeous, string-led reinterpretation of the original piece.
Alex writes:
“I loved what you did with your reimagined version and decided to build on the melodic structure of the bird song. I have used orchestral sounds, which I played in Ableton Live, to give the track a more dynamic feeling and forward motion.”
First, here’s the original field recording:

Next, here’s the “original” reimagined version by Cities and Memory:

Finally, here’s the remix of a remix version: