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Open call – your city recordings wanted for our next major project!

Future CitiesWe’re very proud to launch the open callout for our latest major global sound project – Future Cities – in which we collect, map and reimagine the sounds of our cities.

Future Cities is the largest ever survey of the sounds of urban spaces around the world, examining how the soundscapes of our cities are changing through globalisation, technology and climate change and what that means for us all.

What we need first of all are your recordings of the sounds of cities – from the chaotic conurbations of Asia and the next generation of African megacities to the classical historic cities of Europe.

If you have a field recording from a city anywhere in the world that you’d like to contribute to the project for an artist to recompose and reimagine, please get in touch!

Do you have a city sound to contribute?

We need:

  • Files as WAVs, maximum 20 minutes in length.
  • Precise location where the sound was recorded
  • A brief description of what we can hear in the recording, the story behind the recording etc.

Any city sound can be submitted to the project, but we are particularly interested in urban sounds that:

  • Define a particular city or space or are unique to that place;
  • Demonstrate how change is taking place in that city, whether that’s changes to the city’s soundscape or broader, more substantive changes.

Just fill in the details and upload your sounds here! 

The callout for field recordings is open until 10 January 2020, at which point we will open a call for sound artists and musicians to recompose and reimagine these amazing natural sounds.

We are happy to accept multiple recordings per person if you have more than one you’d like to contribute!Are you an artist?

If you’re a sound artist or musician who’s interested in the callout to reimagine sounds in a few weeks’ time, please drop us a line now and we’ll get in touch when the second part of the call opens.

Future Cities