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The music of Central Park

Central Park in New York is a vast space, and one that attracts so much music!

On a recent trip to the city, we stumbled across a real musical party here, as a group of 20 or so people with various instruments joyously bash out some traditional sounds without a care in the world.

In this recording, we listen from close by, before walking back and forth among the musicians to change the mix of the sound and give the recording a sense of movement and dynamic.

City version:

As an extra bonus, here’s a short video clip of what we recorded for you to enjoy!

The Central Park musicians were reimagined by Alex Hehir, who writes:

“The original recording features some wonderful movement in the stereo field and this really influenced the piece.

“I kept the drumming feel and built on the rhythms using lots of small samples taken from the field recording.

“Many of the other sounds were built with my analogue gear and all recorded and processed though Ableton Live.”