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Sounds from the New York metro

On the New York metro, we take a trip from Roosevelt Island to Bryant Park in Manhattan. It’s a smooth, quiet journey, but there’s plenty of space to enjoy the distinctive NYC subway announcements, alternating between male and female voices, and the reverb from outside when the train is stationary on the platform with its doors open.
Towards the end, we disembark from the train and the sound takes on a different character, much louder as the train and air conditioning noises begin to dominate.
City version:

Vlad Suppish was inspired by this New York metro recording to create this excellent piece, about which he writes:
“When I was listening to the whole recording, I’ve particularly liked that signal sound (when train is due to set off). Resembles of a cuckoo bird to me. That was an initial trigger from which I’ve developed an idea of merging technology and nature, modern urban life and ancestral tribal memories.”
Memory version: