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Can you help us remix the world?

podcastHope you’re all safe and well and getting through lockdown, wherever you are in the world.

It’s tricky to travel the world right now, so we’ve put together a special selection of some of our most fascinating field recordings for you to remix and reimagine.

Are you up for taking on the global remix challenge? Drop us an email and we’ll send you some amazing recordings to choose from.

Among the sounds we have available to reimagine and recompose are:

  • Brand new Black Lives Matters protests this month from Orlando and Oxford
  • Sound walking through a Tunisian neighbourhood
  • Tuning in to the sounds from the mountains of Davos during the World Economic Forum
  • Traditional Saudi drumming, singing and dance from Jeddah
  • A rare Pontocho geiko performance from Kyoto
  • Riding with the ultra fans to an Italian football match
  • A pagan ritual in the English countryside
  • Church bells from one of the most southerly towns on the planet
  • Skateboarders at play in Shenzen, China
  • Malaysia’s symphony of the tinsmith

Interested in remixing one of these sounds (or many others)? Get in touch!

If you’ve not contributed before, here’s how it works:

– Contact us and we’ll send you a folder of available sounds
– Pick out the one you’d like to reimagine and let us know
– Once it’s allocated to you, create a composition using that recording or elements of it
– Send it back to us within four weeks
– Your piece will be part of the Cities and Memory global project!