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Cities and Memory special on WFMU

Last night, WFMU played out a special Cities and Memory programme, which included the broadcast debut of our sonic study of Venice, Sedimento, plus a walkthrough of a few of our favourite recent sounds from the project.

Tune in to the show in full:


Show tracklist:

1. Alex Hehir – The Horses of Seville (field recording: horses outside Seville Cathedral)
2. ILUITEQ – Celebration day (field recording: Armistice Day in Belgium)
3. De Velden – 90 minutes compressed (field recording: Venezia vs. Cittadella, in the stadium)
4. Rob Knight – Hilde (field recording: Arbatskaya metro station, Moscow)
5. Kid Kin – The war on hugs (field recording: Alfons and the Magic Tree, shortwave radio recording)
6. Cities and Memory – Sedimento (field recording: various recordings from across Venice)