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All aboard the Elizabeth Line

The first new full London Underground line since 1979 opened on 24 May 2022, in honour of the (recently-passed) Queen Elizabeth II.

We jumped on board the line on its very first day to make this field recording of the sounds from journey from Farringdon to Paddington. Tune in to hear carriages, doors opening, announcements and the excitement of passengers on the first day of a brand new line.

City version:

The Elizabeth Line opening day was reimagined by Simon Woods, who writes:

“The ‘Kaoss’ of the title refers, not to any chaos that may or may not have occurred on the opening day of the Elizabeth Line, but to the use of Korg Kaoscillator and Kaoss Pad in the composition.

All the percussion is made from sounds of the doors closing or other bangs and crashes on the journey. The two chords are from the tone of the train moving.”

Memory version: