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One nil – football sounds at the Arsenal stadium

Join us at the Emirates Stadium in north London for a slice of live football action from Arsenal vs. Leicester City on 13 March 2022, taking field recording a little more literally than usual.

We join the match just as Thomas Partey scores the first goal in a 2-0 win, provoking wild celebrations, cheering and chanting in the North Bank corner, with chants like the famous “one nil to the Arsenal” and snatches of comments from fans all around us.

The roar of the crowd is so loud during the field recording that the sound actually clips – but we think this helps to convey some of the raw excitement of a cheering sports crowd at its most animated.

City version:

These football sounds at the Arsenal match were reimagined by Richard Watts, who writes:

“I love the various chants in the original field recording so I’ve used those at the centre of my reimagined piece. I isolated them and created a melody behind them.

“I have also used various other samples from the original football sounds field recording to create background rhythms. The name of the piece comes from a comment by someone in the crowd.”

Memory version:

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