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Well-Being Cities – launching today!

Today we’re excited to launch a very special global project – Well-Being Cities.

It’s a unique collaboration between Cities and Memory and C40, a global network of mayors of nearly 100 world-leading cities collaborating to deliver the urgent action needed right now to confront the climate crisis.

The project asks artists to reimagine a curated selection of urban field recordings, using sound to reflect on what sustainability and well-being means for cities.

The project launches today at the C40 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but you can explore it in full via Cities and Memory here:

Well-Being Cities – the composition

At the heart of the project is one central, 21-minute composition entitled “Well-Being Cities”. This composition is built from a selection of the reimagined compositions and original field recordings to create a coherent musical narrative that takes the listener on a journey through the themes addressed by the project.

The sound installation

The Well-Being Cities sound installation is an hour-long interactive tour across 31 countries, starting with the furthest from Buenos Aires in Seoul, with each destination one step closer until we arrive at our host city with the final recording.

On one side of the installation space are the original field recordings from around the world: on the other, the reimagined compositions, changing and shifting in sync so the listener can create their own mix by their physical position in the space.

The album

We’ve also created a special album showcasing some of the highlights from the project – it’s a beautiful album available as a free download/pay-what-you-like release, launched today.