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A moment of calm in Venice

Another gorgeous field recording from Venice, Italy, as we experience through sound a moment of calm in the late afternoon on Riva di Biasio, looking out at the the Grand Canal.

The classic sounds of boat traffic cruising past that make Venice sound like no other city on Earth. A vaporetto (water taxi) passes by every so often, with church bells chiming as we head into the early evening.

City version:

This field recording has been reimagined into a contemplative piece of arpeggiated electronica by Zubin Aroz, who describes his approach:

“The original field recording captured the sounds of boats, water, and people conversing, creating a very visual experience. I found it serene and decided to compose a piece that complements the immersive nature of the field recording. Despite the multitude of sounds in the recording, there is a sense of control and tranquility. It contains the gentle sound of water lapping against the bank, harmonious boat horns, human voices, and the futuristic whoosh of boat engines.

“I aimed to create a musical piece that resonates with this energy, resulting in a delicate and gradually evolving track that conveys both relaxation and excitement. This entire composition was made on a virtual modular synthesizer, which helped me explore new and interesting musical possibilities.

“In a sense, all elements play simultaneously, while I simply manipulate volume levels to introduce and fade out elements, mirroring the dynamics of the original field recording.”

Memory version: