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Falling in love across a rooftop bar in London

On a long day of field recording, capturing the sounds of some of London’s most multicultural districts for our Migration Sounds project, we stumble across a rooftop bar in Peckham.

On this lazy Saturday afternoon in south London, a Latin jazz and funk band is entertaining people from all walks of life at this bar that feels like the centre of the world just for a few moments.

Recorded by Cities and Memory.

City version:

Eloïse Bertil has imagined this field recording as the backdrop for an audio love story, which she tells like this:

“For this short audio piece, I drew inspiration from the rooftop bar ambiance and live music, recreating a social atmosphere where you’d want to get up and dance. The music, with its seductive rhythm and and sense of push and pull, felt like the perfect backdrop for a crush story.

“Here, it serves both as background and as a metaphor for the dance-like nature of a girl-meets-boy scenario. Combining personal experiences and fictional elements, the story reflects on how flirting is like a universal language where each gesture (or step) speaks volumes—or at least you hope it does.”

Memory version: