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eiffel tower

Listening to the inside of the Eiffel Tower

Here we have a very special recording from Colin Hunter – one that allows us to hear inside the Eiffel Tower: “This recording was made using a sensitive geophone originally designed for seismic measurements that has been adjusted for field recording purposes. “The geophone was

Paris Latin Quarter

Heartbeats and bells in the Paris Latin Quarter

Come with us to the Paris Latin Quarter (and check out more sounds from Paris over here), as we visit Saint-Séverin, a 13th-century Gothic Catholic church in the heart of this historic district. The bells are ringing out on a Sunday morning for mass, reverberating

Ticking clock techno in Paris

Paris, France – a trip from Gare de Port-Royal in Paris, a station on the border between its 5th and 6th arrondisements. Standing beneath a large clock, the relentless ticking is punctuated by the coming and going of trains. The reimagined sound by Karhide takes


The sounds of climate change (protest)

The sounds of protest against climate change today, courtesy of Ben Gale in Paris: “This is a recording of the Red Lines protest on 12th December 2015 – The final day of the COP21 United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris. “The protest was

Dada sounds in Paris

Dada sounds goes to Paris today, treading the streets of Rue Tristan Tzara and Rue Marcel Duchamp and transforming the city’s sounds into something inspired by Dadaism.