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Tag: Alan Bleay

Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash

Clanking chain sounds in Cyprus

Today we’re venturing into an abandoned mine to listen to some subterranean sounds of clanking chains and metal, as recorded by Marcel Gnauk. Though not particularly old, the rusted structures at these two abandoned mines stand like modern ghosts. City version: Alan Bleay has taken on the challenge of remixing

birdsong Photo by Michael Whyte on Unsplash

Birdsong in Yellowstone Park

Birdsong is often one of the most inspiring field recordings for Cities and Memory artists to use as source material, and the birds of Yellowstone were no exception. Come with us on a tour of the chirping birds of Yellowstone, as we reimagine the sounds of bluebirds, cranes, loons and

How to reimagine a sound in ten easy steps

One of the most frequently-asked questions we get from musicians, artists and curious visitors approaching Cities and Memory for the first time is ‘how do I go about reimagining a sound?’ or ‘what does remixing a field recording actually mean?’. It’s a perfectly valid question, of course – one person’s

Take a sonic tour of Oxford

Over Christmas, we compiled a sound tour of our hometown Oxford for Sonospace – with a difference. It’s a 30-minute mix that takes in both field recordings from the city of Oxford, but also blends in reimagined versions of some of those sounds throughout, as you travel through the real

The storm that remixed itself

A late summer rainstorm sent in by regular contributor Alan Bleay (whose rhythmic Cities and Memory remixes you can hear here) from his recent trip to Portugal, which marks our first sound from the country. Storm sounds are a pretty common field recording because they’re such an immersive experience (even from indoors)