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Tag: Alexander McHattie

Seville cathedral: a wedding in heaven

More from the beautiful city of Seville in Spain today, as we visit perhaps its most famous building, the mighty Catedral de Seville. Inside the almost incalculably-vast Seville Cathedral, we took this field recording which attempts to capture some of the sonic confusion within. The space is so vast that

One sound, two reimaginings

It’s fascinating to hear how two people approach the same sound from different perspectives and come up with completely different results, but also how some of the key characteristics of the sound to focus on are picked up by both artists and treated differently.

Big Ben vs. Hamley’s toy store

A blend of two locations and two field recordings with very different characters and sonic properties today, as Alexander McHattie picked out two of our recordings to tackle. The first is the iconic sound of London’s Big Ben clock tower, on this occasion striking 4.00pm. The second is from Hamley’s