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Tag: Andy Lyon

The ghosts of Angel

“In this mix, sounds of the bustling contemporary underground station blend with static carrying traces of the ghosts of the First World War, from the excitement and good-byes of leaving for the front to the poison gas bombardment and carnage of trench warfare.”

Reimagining Cuba

We were sent a fantastic set of field recordings from Cuba. Sending them around the world, here are some of the reimagined pieces we received in response.

The eye of the storm on Stromboli

We were stranded on the tiny island of Stromboli overnight as a huge storm hit, meaning that all boat transport to and from the island was cancelled. At midnight, I went out to record the sounds of the island and captured a fantastic blend of nearfield and far-off sounds.

The 21 best tools for sound design

We asked some of our contributors to reveal all and tell us about some of their favourite tools for sound design, music and sonic manipulation. Read on for some serious sonic inspiration.

Utopia C2: Amaurotos

“The piece is the imagining of a Utopian city. I was intrigued by the alternative interpretation of Utopia as ‘nowhere’ and the Greek meaning of Amaurotos as shadowy or unknown so another element to the piece was trying to weave some of these themes and some tension / dissonance into the piece too.”