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Tag: Andy Lyon

Bolivia salt flats

The sound of Bolivia’s salt flats

An unusual sound for you today, as we hear the crunch of salt crystals underfoot, trekking across the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia, in this recording by Mark Wilden.  Andy Lyon created this excellent reimagined version, and writes: “Salar De Unuyi is the world’s largest salt flat. It conjures

Village life in Laos

A walkthrough of a tiny village in Laos today, recorded by Mark Wilden – you can hear a large vehicle drive past, the creaking of some kind of machinery, perhaps a water pump or similar, the voices of children, and the sounds of daily work. It’s a peaceful slice of

The best sound design tools of 2016

This time last year, we presented our round up of the best sound design tools of 2015, as suggested by Cities and Memory contributing artists. Here, we update the piece for 2016 by asking several of our most frequent contributors which tools they’ve been using to work with sound this

The ghosts of Angel

“In this mix, sounds of the bustling contemporary underground station blend with static carrying traces of the ghosts of the First World War, from the excitement and good-byes of leaving for the front to the poison gas bombardment and carnage of trench warfare.”

Reimagining Cuba

We were sent a fantastic set of field recordings from Cuba. Sending them around the world, here are some of the reimagined pieces we received in response.