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Tag: Camilla Fanning

They’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone

“I heard a theory about the music of the south or the blues. It outlined the many influences from all sorts of sources, in particular through the mixing of cultures while the railroads were being built. All these diverse sources blended to make the songs we recognise today. I wanted to disaggregate the history of these sounds and make a piece combining all the originals as part of the reimagining, reflecting all the different peoples who went into the making of the prison song.”

Utopia E6: Our journey comes to an end

“Being different and “better” than other states can be a double-edged sword sometimes, and as I was given a map area depicting part shore, part ship, part sea, I couldn’t get the current refugee crisis in the Mediterranean out of my head. What happens on the edge of Utopia? Who is allowed to enter and who is not? And why not?”