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Tag: Cities & Memory

moscow sounds

Future Cities: sounds from Moscow

Our Future Cities world tour is heading to Russia to tune into Moscow sounds today – and where better to start than the iconic and truly impressive metro system with its grand marbled halls. Here, a powerful string duet performs at the entrance to Arbatskaya station. On board the metro

Santiago sounds

Future Cities: the sounds of Santiago

The next stop on our Future Cities tour of the world’s cities is Santiago, Chile, a metropolis nestled at the foot of the Andes – with more than six million citizens, it’s one of the biggest cities in Latin America, and a vibrant, fascinating place to visit. Our Santiago sounds

Paris Latin Quarter

Future Cities: the sounds of Paris

The next stop on our Future Cities tour of the world’s cities is another of its most iconic – Paris. Come with us and explore some of the fascinating sounds of this wonderful city – and hear how it’s brought inspiration to artists in their reimagined versions. We start by

national poetry day

Sounds for National Poetry Day

It’s National Poetry Day on 1 October, so to mark the occasion, we thought we’d bring together a few occasions on which poetry has been absolutely central to how an artist has reimagined the sounds of the world – when a poem is at the heart of a recomposed piece,

malaysia tinsmith

Symphony of the tinsmith, Malaysia

Join us in Malaysia today, to hear the traditional handicrafts of a tinsmith, as recorded by Connie Lim Keh Nie, who writes: “Listening to various pitches from hammer and tongs emanating from the tinsmith shops along China Street, clicking and clacking with rhythm, the tins were solely handcrafted. “There are