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Tag: Cities & Memory


The fairytale bells of San Rocco

We’re currently spending a little bit of time in northern Italy, recording and reimagining some of the sounds we come across in the process – today’s is from the beautiful town of Possagno. At five o’clock, the bells at Chiesa di San Rocco high up on a hill overlooking the

HMM Algeciras

The world’s biggest ship comes in to dock

After completing its maiden voyage during June 2020, the world’s largest ship, the HMM Algeciras docks in Essex in the UK to unload cargo. The ship is, unbelievably, 400m long and 61m wide – which is longer than the height of London skyscraper The Shard (310m). The ship’s arrival into

eiffel tower

Listening to the inside of the Eiffel Tower

Here we have a very special recording from Colin Hunter – one that allows us to hear inside the Eiffel Tower: “This recording was made using a sensitive geophone originally designed for seismic measurements that has been adjusted for field recording purposes. “The geophone was attached directly on to the

A ballad for the Davos billionaires

In January 2020 we attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. For one week every year, this high-end ski resort in the Swiss Alps transforms from a peaceful haven in the mountains to the global focus, as world and business leaders descend on the town in private jets and

pagan ritual

A pagan ritual in rural England

An unusual field recording for you today, as we tune into a pagan ritual taking place at an ancient monument in rural England. Upon visiting an ancient historical site more than 5,000 years old in Oxfordshire, the Rollright Stones, we stumbled across a pagan May ritual being performed. The site