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Tag: Dan Tapper

Bridging the world of sound in Pitlochry

A new week, and the final entry from contributor Dan Tapper‘s tour of Scotland, remixing the sounds he found as he travelled – we’ve already heard Edinburgh, Invernahavon and Loch Ness, and now we head back to Pitlochry to hear the sounds of its creaking suspension bridge, about which Dan

Museums & washing machines make a new Edinburgh

Next stop: Edinburgh. A combination of sounds blended together to create a new idea of how Edinburgh could sound, again by sound artist Dan Tapper. He explains: “Edinburgh features the sounds of three different places, relating to the city’s size in comparison to the other locations I visited. The composition

New sound: listening to the botanic and the bucolic

Our third stop in Scotland is the tiny town of Pitlochry, where Dan visited the beautiful botanic gardens to take in some more bucolic sounds, transformed into something new, as he explains in his vision for the remix: “Pitlochry Botanic Garden focuses on a recording of me playing with a

Rural Scotland, charged with electricity

The second leg in our journey around Scotland with Dan Tapper (for part one, go over here) sees us head to the lovely rural location of Invernahavon, with his recording of trees in the wind, which he processed while on the road. Of this particular sound, Dan says: “Invernahavon focuses

Searching for monstrous sounds in Loch Ness

We’re really pleased to have a series of guest posts this week from sound artist Dan Tapper, who explores the relationships between sound, art, science and nature. As part of his work, he toured around Scotland taking field recordings and reimagining them using an iPad with various sound apps, and