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Tag: Gavin Prior

Nantes: the haunted swing

Nantes, France – a contributor sent us this recording from the back yard of a restaurant, with a distinctively creaking playground swing in action. Here’s how one artist imagined the swing as a haunted relic.

The umbrella salesman of New York

Penn Station, New York City, and Gavin Prior’s recording of a fast-talking umbrella salesman outside the station, jabbering away so quickly and rhythmically it’s hard to tell what’s being said. Norwegian sound artist Jan Morten Iversen took on the field recording using the Oblique Strategy cards Take a break and Ask your

An English lesson from New York

A new week, and a couple of sounds coming up from New York for you. The first is a field recording by Gavin Prior from the bustling Canal Street area in Manhattan. Here, a machine on the street gives an English lesson (of sorts) by gabbling out staccato automated phrases

A new prayer from Morocco

Meknes, Morocco. A cry rings out from a minaret over the streets of Meknes, calling people to prayer. This classic North African field recording was contributed by Gavin Prior, and picked up by Oxford-based sound artist Alex Hehir to reimagine. He’s taken the rich, melodic reverbs of the prayer field recording

A sound map of Cork, Ireland

Every so often here at Cities and Memory, we’re contacted by someone whose existing sound work fits closely with our ambition to remix the world one sound at a time, and we’re pleased to be able to bring their project on board as part of ours – see for instance,