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Tag: Ian De Quadros

Take a sonic tour of Oxford

Over Christmas, we compiled a sound tour of our hometown Oxford for Sonospace – with a difference. It’s a 30-minute mix that takes in both field recordings from the city of Oxford, but also blends in reimagined versions of some of those sounds throughout, as you travel through the real

The ten best sounds of September 2014

Wow, where did September go? I’m heading to Hamburg in a few days, which will be the major focus of Cities and Memory throughout October, but before then here’s a summary of the best sounds we’ve heard on the site last month. It’s been a UK-heavy month, with just England

Making music from the sounds of Italy

This is an interesting one – musician Ian de Quadros (AKA Tiger Mendoza) has constructed a track out of a bed of our field recordings from Oxford and from Italy. The recognisable snippets of vocal are from a preacher in Cornmarket Street, the central shopping street of Oxford. But he’s