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The ten best sounds of September 2014

TEN BEST SOUNDS septemberWow, where did September go? I’m heading to Hamburg in a few days, which will be the major focus of Cities and Memory throughout October, but before then here’s a summary of the best sounds we’ve heard on the site last month.

It’s been a UK-heavy month, with just England and Italy represented, but a total of seven sound artists (if we can include ourselves among that number!) have tackled a range of sounds and come up with treatments including industrial beats, abstract noise, beautiful ambient music and arpeggiated synth melodies.

Explore the places and their sounds below!

Sounds by guest contributors:

London, England: The sounds of open heart surgery (by Eric Powell)

Oxford, England: A lion, a tiger and a crocodile at a funfair (by Mike Bingham)

Oxford, England (via Italy): Making music from the sounds of Italy (by Ian de Quadros)

Oxford, England: Nightmare on the Megadance (by Lee Riley)

Hayling Island, England: The ambient sounds of a stone beach (by Tim Waterfield)

Cornwall, England: Inside the Eden Project: an electronic rainforest (by Aaron Rieger)

Sounds by Cities and Memory:

Somerset, England: Taking our synths down to Blagdon Lake

Liverpool, England: Industrial music built from the sounds of Liverpool

Venice, Italy: The sounds of the Grand Canal, Venice

Oxford, England: Underwater duck recording with a hydrophone