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Tag: Jeff Dungfelder

Russian trains

Travelling through Russia – remixed

Our recent project Until We Travel featured some incredible sounds from voyages across the world’s biggest country – Russia’s railway network is, as you might expect, extremely extensive, and there are many ways to reimagine it. Today’s post highlights three fantastic remixes of Russian rail travel. First up, let’s listen

call to prayer sound

Five calls to prayer in Riyadh

We were fortunate enough to spend some time in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and one of the defining sounds of the city is very obviously the five-times-per-day call to prayer – the call to prayer sound is today’s focus in our Future Cities world tour. In different parts of the city

Blackbird serenade, Yellowstone Park

Today’s sound comes from Yellowstone National Park via the National Park Service – here you can hear the harsh cries of red-winged blackbirds reverberate across Swan Lake lake amidst the sounds of boreal chorus frogs and sandhill cranes. City version: The reimagined version of this sounds was composed by regular

T.S. Eliot and Californian winds

Today we’re heading to Balboa Island, California, to hear the sounds of evening wind with recordist Marcel Gnauk of Free To Use Sounds. He tells us: “To get the sound of wind I had to drive down to the Balboa Island at night time to avoid traffic and airplane noises,