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Tag: Jeff Dungfelder

The silence spoke in Taksim Square, Istanbul

We’re off to Taksim Square, Istanbul today, and a protest from 30 March 2012 recorded by Jacek Smolicki, which has been reimagined into something impressive by long-time contributor Jeff Dungfelder from New York: “I chose to use the field recording of Turkish women in Istanbul protesting at home because the

The best sound design tools of 2016

This time last year, we presented our round up of the best sound design tools of 2015, as suggested by Cities and Memory contributing artists. Here, we update the piece for 2016 by asking several of our most frequent contributors which tools they’ve been using to work with sound this

Whoa Buck

Whoa Buck

“I wanted to take them completely out of the blues/prison context and view them as a part of a late night groove headspace. At the moment I was inspired by reading a quote by Pablo Picasso: “Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.””

Mexico City – the synth organ grinder

Mexico City: a field recording from the famous Plaza de la Constitucion captures the ‘cilindrero’, or organ grinder, a street musician who plays a mechanical piano to entertain the passing crowds.

Dada in the USA

There are many Dada sounds submitted from across the USA – here are just three of our favourites from Los Angeles, Washington DC and Colorado.